Perfect your ECU tune in record time

Our deep data logging, LIVE tuning and custom code solutions help the aftermarket deliver results in projects of any complexity while saving a significant amount of time during calibration.

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VehiCAL Logger

Built from the ground up for tuners – provides protocols to view and save measurement data during calibration from various control units.

A few selected features:

  • Up to 100hz full RAM data logging
  • No A2L or other data is needed
  • Simultaneous logging of Master ECU, Slave ECU, TCU, CPC
  • WinOLS integration
  • DTC reading and clearing
  • Works with inexpensive J2534 hardware
  • No upfront purchase, pay as you go
  • Full transparency – see what you get before paying
  • Pro version for dealer network
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LIVE Tuning

Calibrate in real time with the engine running on supported Bosch ECU’s.
Save hours of your valuable time on reflash delays during initial development and advanced projects.

  • Integrated into VehiCAL Logger – log and real time tune at the same time
  • No A2L’s or other data needed
  • Works with plain bin files – use any editor you like
  • Fully supports Master & Slave and multivariant ECU configurations
  • WinOLS integration
  • Uses inexpensive J2534 hardware
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Apply code patches instantly to your binaries. Fully online without needing to install anything on your computer.

Boost pre-control modifications for advanced projects, clean IMMO solutions and much more.

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