VehiCAL Logger


Log measurement parameters at high refresh rates on supported ECUs. Whether standard diagnostic ID’s or the full RAM in advanced mode. Definitions are provided to you by the server, and the tool works with existing J2534 interfaces.

All you need is a J2534 cable, and an internet connection.

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Supported Brands


Billing works by registering at the billing system and pre-loading credits like you would for a pre-paid SIM card. These credits can then be used to make purchases inside the tool.

You always pay only for what you use. There is no initial or upfront purchase for the standard version.

Pricing for basic protocols:
5 credits/month* subscription gives access to all protocols.

Pricing for advanced protocols:
5 credits/VIN for specific vehicle. To buy an advanced protocol you must have an active subscription. Once bought, the advanced protocol will keep functioning even if the subscription expires.

1 credit = 10.40 EUR (excl. VAT)
Minimum purchase: 5 credits.

* 1 month = 30 days.

PRO Version

For larger companies with multiple dealers there is a master and slave system.
The slave can be customized with a company banner and the name of the application can be changed.
The master can track all usage remotely, as well as edit profiles, choose the logs to be encrypted and so on.

PRO has an upfront setup fee, and a higher monthly subscription fee, however the number of slaves is not limited and slaves do not have to pay a subscription. Additionally, all LIVE tuning functionality is free of charge for PRO customers.

If your company has 5 or more regular subdealers, or you work with many remote clients, then PRO will reduce the cost and also make setup and logging much easier. The slave only has to select the correct protocol, for everything else you are in full control.

  • Setup fee – 250 credits
  • Monthly subscription – 10 credits
  • Advanced protocols – 5 credits/VIN
  • LIVE tuning – free (normally 5 credits per VIN)

For more information about the PRO version, please refer to the documentation.


There is a closed Facebook group for discussion between users, knowledge sharing and self-help:

More information

For more in-depth and technical information, please refer to the documentation.

The same documentation can be accessed at any time from the tool by clicking the “Help” hyperlink in the upper right corner.