Logger v3.0.0.0

After months of development version 3.0 of the Logger is finally ready for release.

Just as 2.0 marked a big milestone with the development of LIVE tuning, 3.0 sets the bar higher and gives you the ability to read and erase DTC’s.
There is no longer any need to tediously swap cables back and forth to read out the DTC information.

Here is a look at the new UI:

The DTC reading feature is fully protocol specific, and status data is also decoded. You can easily copy-paste or save the fault codes to a text file, because everything uses simple text-based formatting.
For OBD Generic, BMW UDS and VAG UDS protocols there is an all module DTC clear function, which allows you to quickly clear all modules of fault codes.

The PRO logger also receives the DTC reading ability on the clients:

Significant changes have been made to the OBD Generic protocol – it detects and communicates with more controllers and of course implements the SAE J2012 for DTC reading.

PRO users have the added ability to configure the client log format in the manager:

Some quality of life changes have been added to the measurement view:

Even rows now have a different background making it easier to track values at a glance.
Hovering over IDs with the mouse shows a tooltip with the description of the ID. Helpful in case you do not remember what one or the other acronym means.

I hope 3.0 manages to save you even more time than before and increase your productivity. Thank you for your continued support.