Logger v3.0.2.0

The v3.0.2 release focuses on small, but neccessary QoL changes.

A couple features were added to PRO Manager:

With the Read and save DTCs to file on every init option the client will check for fault codes on supported protocols every time the identification is read and save the result to a file. It will also warn the user if there are fault codes present.

For patching – on supported ECU’s you can now apply the LIVE patch directly from the Manager. Useful if you are working remotely, but might need to go hands-on with LIVE in the future. Keep in mind that with the LIVE patch the logging implementation is different and a little slower. The reason behind it is that with LIVE the CALRAM can not be used to store the variable list and it needs to be sent to the ECU on every request.

The “Marker” feature has been implemented on the normal client:

You have to turn the feature on in the options first if you would like to use it, because this permanently adds an extra column to the CSV right after Time. Once the functionality is enabled just press Ctrl + Alt when the Log is running and the Marker will be incremented.

Useful if you are logging for a longer time and want to mark the moment a significant event occurred.

For the full changelog, please click here.