Logger v3.2 and v3.3

Version 3.2 marks the addition of the first K-Line protocol. The protocol is similar to a certain tool called ME7Logger and works on C167 based VAG ME7 controllers. It is also completely free of charge not requiring any payment.
The logging method and all the ECU side code can be found on GitHub.

In 3.3 the main focus was on improving Pro usability.
The manager gained a filter function and every single advanced option can now also be changed remotely from the manager. You can also now use the translate option to translate the descriptions of variables in the profiles. The slave client does not need to download the translation database, and the descriptions in the logs are translated.
Because the translation data is now present, the tooltips with description when ID’s are being hovered in the main window were added to the Slave as well.

Apart from the Pro changes a small but pleasant improvement is the possibility to patch Porsche SDI controllers for increased logging speed. For unpatched logging I was also able to load the seed-key algorithm into a simulator and fixed the bug that was causing an invalid key being generated sometimes for these ECU’s.

In the not visible changes, there were a lot of bugs squashed and large parts of the logging engine were completely rewritten. Some protocols such as McLaren Advanced, should be more resilient to gateway issues on these cars.

For the full list head to the changelog.