Billing update

A new payment provider is now available in the billing system for EU and Norwegian customers.

This payment provider is called kevin. and allows payments directly from your bank account for many EU countries. Please use this payment provider if you are from the EU and it is at all convenient for you.

The credit price has been increased by a little under 1% from 10.30 to 10.40 EUR. This has been done for two reasons:

1. The current 3% surcharge no longer covers the fees associated with accepting payments via Stripe, as the prices have increased significantly over the past couple years. Even with the 1% bump, the price still does not cover all cases.

2. Due to constant rounding issues of 51.50 (which always rounds one way to 52) and the EU intra-community tax declaration only accepting whole numbers, the rounding error becomes so large, that the declarations get flagged by the system. The tax office has to investigate and manually pass them. With 10.40 EUR the minimum purchase becomes 52.00 and this hassle can be avoided.

I hope the new payment processor will see widespread adoption by EU customers and a more significant price increase can be avoided for the time being. Accepting payments via open banking is a significant cost saving compared to card payments, which helps offset the higher card fees.