Logger v3.70 & 3.60 – FAL Marelli, Hyundai/Kia, Maserati

Version 3.60 of the logger adds the Maserati advanced protocol:
EDC17C79, MED17.3.4 and MED17.3.5 controllers are supported. On cars with secure gateway the ECU can be patched, which allows bypassing the gateway.

More controllers are supported for Hyundai/Kia group:
MED17.9.8 (Various 1.6T vehicles – e.g. Hyundai Veloster N)
SIM2K-240 (Various 2.0T vehicles – e.g. Hyundai Sonata).

Version 3.70 adds Fiat/Alfa/Jeep Marelli ECU support to the logger.
The 8GMK, 8GMF and 8GMW ECU’s can be logged directly without any patching. In case of the newest cars with secure gateway, the logger automatically detects the secure gateway and prompts to install a secure gateway bypass.

For MM10JA a different approach was required, because the CCP protocol is on a separate CAN, that is not connected to the OBD socket. Thus a mandatory logging patch was developed. After patching the ECU logging works quickly directly through the OBD port, including all the newest cars with secure gateway present without needing a bypass.

For the full list of changes head to the changelog.