Logger v4.0 – Cloud profiles, Suzuki, Opel protocols


Over time one of the questions that seems to come up often has been about creation of profiles. On one hand it is a good idea to know what you want to log, on the other hand having pre-defined profiles can save some time and perhaps slightly reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by the channel selection.

The solution

In 4.0 you can save and load profiles to the server. You can also choose to make profiles public, in which case other users can load your profile. Public profiles can be rated by other users and when the list of profiles is loaded they are ranked by how well they match the current ECU software as well as the user rating.
The profiles are accessed by clicking “Open Cloud” in the Measurement Selection window:

Opel ME1.5.5/ME7.6.x protocol

v4.0 introduces full datalogging for these ECU’s, for which historically there haven’t been many options, but the interest is still quite high. Both CAN and K-Line are supported together with an optional patch, which speeds up logging over ten times.

Suzuki MED17.9.63 protocol

The Suzuki protocol was added in v3.9, but since there was no post about that version, it makes sense to mention it here. Full RAM logging is supported, as well as LIVE functionality. The latter is particularly useful for this protocol, as there is no OBD support for these ECU’s yet.

QoL changes

  • The initial LIVE syncing algorithm has been greatly improved and results in a speedup of ten times or more on many ECU’s.
  • Some notification dialogs, that are of purely informative nature gained a “do not ask again” feature.
  • The translations have been updated to include the descriptions of the ME7 controllers that the Basic Ferrari KWP protocol supports, as well as the Opel ME7 and ME1.5.5 controllers.
  • The algorithm for checking the CAN gateway packet size and rate limits has been overhauled and accomplishes it’s task quicker.

There are many other changes – for a full list head to the changelog.