Logger v4.05 – Remote LIVE

Remote LIVE

Version 4.05 introduces Remote LIVE – a master and slave file system for Pro clients using the LIVE functionality.
You can configure the Pro functionality in the Manager:

PRO Manager showing Remote LIVE functionality

After exporting the encrypted .vdc container, it can be loaded on the Slave client:

Logger PRO Client showing Remote LIVE functionality.

Pro QoL Changes

  • The credit balance is shown directly on the Manager home screen, a feature requested by multiple Pro users.
  • A new setting  has been added to store initializations done by the standalone client on the server together with the Pro slave client inits.
  • After changing the API key the initialization list is updated automatically without having to manually press the Update button.

Porsche ME7 Improvements

  • Added a datalogging patch for the ST10 ME7.8 Porsche 997.1 Turbo, which significantly increases the logging speed and uses K-Line instead of the slow CAN stack for logging. The full read is needed to apply the patch, however the patch is in the calibration area, so a maps write is sufficient to patch the ECU afterwards.
  • Added fast logging patch for 997.1 Porsche Carrera and 987 Boxster/Cayman ECU’s. Full read/write required.
  • Added DTC reading and clearing for all K-Line Porsche ME7 ECU’s.


There were another 18 fixes and small improvements between versions 4.00 and 4.05. You can read the full details in the changelog.